30 September 2009

completion: mixtape made

[ original assignment ]

Awesome labeling job, no? Of course now that I've finished, I've thought of a few more songs that would also work in this mix... so perhaps I'll have to make a Vol. 2 at some point.

Videos for you below, for all except Grandpaboy and T-Bone, which apparently do not exist on YouTube. Travesty. So you'll have to look them up yourself, dearie.

[Note: Edited this tracklist in 01/10, swapping the previous Belle & Sebastian song ("Expectations") for the Charlotte Gainsbourg song. Much better fit, in my opinion.]

This Side Up Tracklist:
01  Go It Alone / Beck
02  How Come / Ray LaMontagne
03  I Feel It All / Feist
04  Vampires and Failures / Grandpaboy
05  Hard Row / The Black Keys
06  Gold Lion / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
07  Tricycle / Psapp
08  The Vagabond / Air, feat. Beck
09  Baby, Don't You Say You Love Me / T-Bone Burnett
10  Dandelion / Charlotte Gainsbourg
11  Brother Down / Sam Roberts
12  I Feel Just Like a Child / Devendra Banhart
13  Carmella (Four Tet Remix) / Beth Orton

01 Go It Alone / Beck

02 How Come / Ray LaMontagne

03 I Feel It All / Feist

04 Vampires and Failures / Grandpaboy
(no video)

05 Hard Row / The Black Keys

06 Gold Lion / Yeah Yeah Yeahs

07 Tricycle / Psapp

08 The Vagabond / Air, feat. Beck

09 Baby, Don't You Say You Love Me / T-Bone Burnett
(no video)

10 Dandelion / Charlotte Gainsbourg

11 Brother Down / Sam Roberts

12 I Feel Just Like a Child / Devendra Banhart

13 Carmella (Four Tet Remix) / Beth Orton

[ Volume Two ]

28 September 2009

project: make a mixtape

OK, so not a real mixtape. A CD mix, because who still has a tape player, let alone blank cassettes? Not me.

My stipulations: it has to start with Beck's "Go It Alone" from the Guero album. And it has to be good (i.e. doesn't sometimes compell me to skip songs), but specifically it has to be a good driving-in-my-car mix. I need something to groove to on weekend trips. (No, I don't have an iPod. gasp!)

[ completed project (Vol. 1) ]

[ Volume Two ]

26 September 2009

completion: painting for my kitchen

[ original assignment ]

I did the sketch and most of the painting on Monday night, it dried for the next two days (I used oils), and I've been touching it up ever since then. Every night I come home, look at it, and find something else I want tweak ever-so-slightly.

I'm thinking that I want to do a companion for it as well... but I have to think of another duo. Eggplant and onion, perhaps? Avocado and... I feel a future week's project coming on.

21 September 2009

project: paint a painting for my kitchen

I took a painting class in college (and a beginning drawing class), but that's the extent really of my painting experience. And that was more than a couple of years ago.

So, yes, I am qualifying this project assignment with this: I am not a great painter. But I want something for my kitchen wall, and I think it would be fun. So far, my parameters are that it will be on a small canvas measuring 10" x 8", and will feature some vegetables.

[ completed project ]

18 September 2009

completion: blog started

Blog officially up and looking like a blog. Check! I would post pictures of what the final product looks like, but, err... yeah. You're an intelligent being.

14 September 2009

project: start a blog

Greetings. I live in a tiny town, and in my free time, I do things. Lots of different things. Stop with the dirty thoughts. This is not that kind of blog.

Welcome, oh imaginary audience.

This week's project? To create this here blog thing. By the end of the week this should look like an actual blog, and not a blank template. This is me going forth.

about project do

This blog started simply because I was looking for a new project to start, and starting a blog seemed interesting enough. The question then was: What to blog about? Answer: all of my subsequent projects, of course.

And thus Project Do was born. 
(the heavens parted, choirs of ang... that's right. just like that.)

How it works: On Monday I decide on a project and tell you what it is. I work on it that week and post the final product on whatever day I finish it. Then the following Monday comes along and I find a new project. You get the idea.

Also sometimes I do side projects on random days. They show up unannounced. Hence "random days." And sometimes I give you sneak peeks in the middle of the week. But only when I'm feeling generous. And/or actually have something to sneak a peek at. Welcome.

My profile here.

If you'd like to send me a message, project idea, or share your own finished project, either leave a comment on the blog or email:
reach.projectdo [at] gmail.com