26 September 2009

completion: painting for my kitchen

[ original assignment ]

I did the sketch and most of the painting on Monday night, it dried for the next two days (I used oils), and I've been touching it up ever since then. Every night I come home, look at it, and find something else I want tweak ever-so-slightly.

I'm thinking that I want to do a companion for it as well... but I have to think of another duo. Eggplant and onion, perhaps? Avocado and... I feel a future week's project coming on.


a neske said...

Such a great blog idea!! But what happened? Keep posting! I want to see what else you're working on.

project.doer said...

Hey thanks! I've kept up the projects, but slacked on the blog-posting, so I'm retroactively putting projects up here... I'll get caught up by this weekend, I promise!

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