23 December 2009

completion: finished holiday presents

[ original assignment ]

Huzzah! Done. I am officially finished with making my gifts, and I even have a day left.

Welp folks, I'm taking next week off. Enjoy your holidays! I'll see you next year.

21 December 2009

project: finally finish holiday presents

[ previous attempt ]

This holiday present thing has now dragged on through three weeks' worth of projects (or at least will when this week is done). Believe me, I'm about as tired of it as you are (or maybe you don't care. since you, dear reader, are imaginary anyway). In any case, the good news is this: my deadline for these presents is in four days, so no matter what happens in the next few days, c'est fini. Or, ce sera fini. I'm SO good at français. Oui, bien sûr!

Annnnyway. In light of the tight timeline, I've scrapped one of the more energy- and time- sucking present ideas (making little stuffed creatures) I had, which leaves me with only making a few more card designs (and more than a few) cards of each design before Thursday.

[ completed project ]

19 December 2009

side project: christmas mix

I survived. My overtime work (of which I racked up over 60 hours) officially ended yesterday (specifically 10:30 pm last night). Am free! And tired. I am NOT doing anything constructive this weekend. But I did do this little side project today as part of the recovery process.

Behold: Christmas Mix.
Complete with accompanying videos so you can sing along. I'm so nice.

01 White Christmas / The Drifters

02 The Christmas Song / Nat King Cole

03 Sleigh Ride / Ella Fitzgerald

04 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree / Brenda Lee

05 Baby It's Cold Outside / Carmen McRae & Sammy Davis, Jr.
Best. Version. Of this song. Ever.

06 Have a Holly Jolly Christmas / Burl Ives

07 Walking in a Winter Wonderland / Louis Armstrong
Almost couldn't find this version on Youtube. But then I found this. I'm such a killer detective.

08 Run Run Rudolph / Chuck Berry

09 Jingle Bells / Dean Martin

10 Please Come Home for Christmas / Charles Brown

11 Let It Snow / Frank Sinatra

12 Sleigh Ride / The Ronettes
Yeah, yeah, I know I've got two "Sleigh Ride"s on here. They're both that good. So there.

13 Santa Baby / Madonna

14 Jingle Bell Rock / Bobby Helms

15 Feliz Navidad / José Feliciano

16 All I Want for Christmas / Mariah Carey

17 Merry Christmas, Baby / Sheryl Crow & Eric Clapton

Happy Holidays, all.

14 December 2009

completion, not quite: holiday presents

[ original assignment ]

Work exploded buckets of goo all over my plans this past week. Since last Wednesday, I've been working overtime until the wee hours of every morning, and put in another 23 hours of work over the weekend. So I haven't even had time to go grocery shopping, let alone make gifts. I did manage to design the wee buttons you see here between work shifts on Thursday, but that's it.

This week is going to be a continuation of overtime hell, so I'm not foreseeing a good chance of catching up much, or being able to tackle a whole new project. Therefore, I'm taking the week off, project-wise. I'm going to keep trying to catch an hour or two here and there to work on a few more gifts, so if they materialize, I'll share. Otherwise, as long as I live through this week, I'll see you next Monday.

[ second attempt, completed project ]

07 December 2009

project: make holiday presents

I'm going to try and make as many gifts (as opposed to buying them) as I can this year. So this week I'll be coming up with concrete ideas and hopefully bringing at least a few to fruition before Sunday comes.

So far I'm mulling over an idea for an apron, and making a few things with some new fabric scraps I picked up. I'll give you a sneak peek in a few days...

P.S. The fort's still up. I didn't sleep in it last night, but I did watch a movie in it. I am very reluctant to take it down. Do I have to?

[ completed assignment ]

04 December 2009

completion: fort = built = awesome

[ original assignment ]


Seven blankets total in outward construction, four more for comfort plus multiple pillows plus one feather duvet. Even equipped with an upper level. And a bowl of cookies. Heh heh heh. It's quite fantastic, if I do say so myself. I am lounging in said fort as I type, in fact. Needless to say, I'll be sleeping here tonight. And maybe for the rest of my life.