14 December 2009

completion, not quite: holiday presents

[ original assignment ]

Work exploded buckets of goo all over my plans this past week. Since last Wednesday, I've been working overtime until the wee hours of every morning, and put in another 23 hours of work over the weekend. So I haven't even had time to go grocery shopping, let alone make gifts. I did manage to design the wee buttons you see here between work shifts on Thursday, but that's it.

This week is going to be a continuation of overtime hell, so I'm not foreseeing a good chance of catching up much, or being able to tackle a whole new project. Therefore, I'm taking the week off, project-wise. I'm going to keep trying to catch an hour or two here and there to work on a few more gifts, so if they materialize, I'll share. Otherwise, as long as I live through this week, I'll see you next Monday.

[ second attempt, completed project ]

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