21 December 2009

project: finally finish holiday presents

[ previous attempt ]

This holiday present thing has now dragged on through three weeks' worth of projects (or at least will when this week is done). Believe me, I'm about as tired of it as you are (or maybe you don't care. since you, dear reader, are imaginary anyway). In any case, the good news is this: my deadline for these presents is in four days, so no matter what happens in the next few days, c'est fini. Or, ce sera fini. I'm SO good at français. Oui, bien sûr!

Annnnyway. In light of the tight timeline, I've scrapped one of the more energy- and time- sucking present ideas (making little stuffed creatures) I had, which leaves me with only making a few more card designs (and more than a few) cards of each design before Thursday.

[ completed project ]

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