26 October 2009

project: write a poem

Went to a local poetry reading this weekend, and am feeling inspired to try and write a poem.

I've always been more partial to (reading and writing) prose myself, but, as evidenced by my Frank O'Hara project a few weeks ago, I'm not adverse to poetry. The few (read: less than three) poems I've composed in the past have been more off-the-cuff (usually snarky) quips than poems (see below). This week I'll try and write something a bit more substantial.

A little ditty from this spring when I was... well, you'll see:

    Ode to Wifi

    oh why oh why you piece of crap
    internet connection i would strangle
    you if you had a neck
    lucky for you you don't.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

[ completed project ]

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