09 January 2010

completion: short story written

[ original assignment ]

Saturday greetings to you. I'm well into a story, as assigned. It has over two thousand words so far (it's a short short story), and there are still a few things I want to add, plus I have much editing to do. I'm not going to post the whole thing, but here's an excerpt:

I'm not really one to plan my funeral ahead of time. That's more Jake's style. He likes being morbid like that. He's always talking about the cool ways that he could die. Like the other day: there was a thing on the news about a guy that died while trying to fly off the side of a mountain. He had done it before, I guess, with skis or a parachute or something, but this time his parachute didn't open, and splat. He died. And for the rest of the night Jake said maybe he should take up flying off mountains too because then he'd have a cool story about how he died. Personally, I thought the flying dead guy seemed like a good reason why you shouldn't take up flying off mountains, but then again I don't really care how I die. I'll be dead anyway, so I figure what do I care how people will describe how I got to be that way. 

Now I just have to stay on task and polish it up, to see if it can ever reach a point where it's worth submitting somewhere. But for now I'm off to enjoy my weekend. Ciao.

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