18 January 2010

project: design invitations

And so we start another week.

Thus far in the existence of Project Do, I've kept my project life and work life separate. This week, however, I've decided to let them intersect; partially in the interest of my sanity, and partially because I think this work project will be fun enough to feature here on the bloggyblog.

I have a freelance project to design invitations to a wedding party (not the wedding itself, which is taking place out-of-country, but for their "We're back now from our glamorous vacation-slash-wedding, and we'd like to party with you as a married couple!" party). It's to be a swanky cocktail party with live jazz, and the invites are going to be done on a letterpress. Anyway, I'm due to give them 3-5 different design ideas by this coming weekend, so... project on!

[ completed project ]

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