02 November 2009

project: photo a day

Hello, hello! It's Monday again already, and time for my next project announcement. Here 'tis: In an effort to be proactive about dusting my camera off, I am going to post a photo every day this week (including this coming Sunday, since this blog is apparently European in nature, and starts its weeks on Mondays instead of Sundays). Each photo I post will have been taken that day. I'm resolved not to cheat!

I'm setting myself up for a bit of a challenge with this one - most of the photos I like to take are outdoors in daylight, but since I have a full-time job and this is getting late in the year, my hours of daylit freetime are limited. So that means I'll either be going out early before work to get shots, or I'll be exploring night shots and indoor scenes.

Oh, and today's the first day, so look for the first photo tonight.

[ Day One ]
[ Day Two ]
[ Day Three ]
[ Day Four ]
[ Day Five ]
[ Day Five *bonus* ]
[ Day Six ]
[ Day Seven ]

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